Sampling Department

Rulse Of Sampling:

A reliable sampling is the most important agent to get reliable results in all parts of laboratory. Expert laboratory technicians are needed to get reliable samples.
The samples which are obtained out of standard criteria would be worthless and mean waste of time and money. So in any case of sampling, the relevant standards should be considered and in all cases we recommend prior consultations with lab authorities.
There are expert sampler teams equipped with needed instruments in most criteria in ASA laboratory. We always print the name of sampler in our issued sheet results.

Blood and biological Specimen :

For large and small animals according to phycians request, venojects with or without anticoagulants maybe used for blood samples. Blood samples should be sent to lab within 1-2 hours in packages between 2-8ºc, not frozen, in the same day.
Poultry blood samples obtained by disposable syringes located vertically to be sent in packages between 2-8ºc.
Warning: whole blood samples of animals should never be frozen and should always be sent to lab at the same day of sampling. In case of blood sugar analysis or fibrinogen request, you should consult to our reception and they will give you recommendations.
Urine, stool, milk, skin, hair, and pathologic specimens should be sent to lab at the same day of sampling in sterile containers: you can provide them from lab.
In all cases it is ideal to consult to our reception before sampling or sending samples to lab.
We normally keep all accepted samples for 2 months in optimized conditions in our lab.

Water and waste water samples:

1.5 liters fresh water collected in a clean disposable container is needed for a complete water chemical analysis. About 0.1 liter fresh water provided in sterile condition in sterile container (you can get the protocol from lab) is needed for routine microbiology test. In some cases it is needed to add chloride- neutralizers to water samples.
4 liters of fresh water is needed to be sent in new, disposable container for biological test. For waste water it is essential to consult with lab reception.

In all cases of sampling from rivers, wells, industrial sewages lakes and depths we recommend to ask our expert Technicians to use their special and standard instruments for sampling. For measuring metals it is needed to get special containers containing preservatives from lab.
In all cases the samples should be delivered to lab in the same day within containers between 2-8ºc (not frozen).We normally keep the accepted samples for 2 months in optimized conditions in our lab.

Food and Feed sampling:

All samplings in the food and feed criteria should be performed under standard condition according to related standard operation procedures, our technicians are ready for consultations in the mentioned criteria. All accepted samples are normally kept for 2 Weeks in optimized conditions in our lab.