Rules for reception in ASA laboratory :
Reception of samples, accounting, delivering results, keeping the samples are under standard rules, as below:
Working hours:
Working hour is from 8:00 Am to 16:45 from Saturday to Wednesday. Thursdays 8:00 Am to 12 Am. Our reception works between these hours every day.
Rules to register your sample :
All samples sent to the laboratory should have a written request for the tests to be identified. Samples sent to the laboratory should be of Standard quality and should be sent in optimal conditions (in terms of temperature or packaging).
For samples which should go under urgent analysis it must be formerly arranged with lab receptionist, and holidays should be considered in these cases.
Accountings :
Just after delivering the request and reception of sample, paying should be done unless there is a former contract. In case of confirming above conditions the sample would be registered & encoded and sent to relevant department.
Receiving results, keeping samples, complaints:
Date of result issue is printed on the reception sheet, the issued results are just printed once, upon request we will print second form too. We will keep results in the archive until 2 months.
Most received samples will normally be kept in optimum condition in lab for 2 months.
Any objection to the results will be reviewed within 7 days of receipt of the test result.