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-Detection of legionella pneumophila bacteria in water: 
By launching the Legionella bacteria (Legionilosis and Pontiac fever), it is possible to detect this dangerous bacteria in all water sources including water springs, swimming pools, cooling towers, water coolers, etc. in less than 3 business days has been prepared . Due to the fact that the only way to prevent diseases associated with this bacterium is to detect and detect and apply effective methods for controlling this bacterium, Health Testing Company ASA has launched a molecular diagnostic test.

 - Quality control and chemical and physical tests in the water used in the dialysis machine:
Regarding the importance of water quality that is used to treat patients with dialysis, the analysis and analysis of water entering the device for the production of dialysis fluids is inevitable and necessary and if there are high levels of pollutants above the standard probability of causing the problem In the equipment and adverse effects of the patient, on the basis of all the chemical and microbial tests for the determination of the quality of water hemodialysis will be carried out in accordance with the international standards of the Health Testing Company and the results will be reported with high accuracy. On the water using dialysis device according to ISO-23500 and AAMI standards This lab is in operation.

- Perform tests to check the water quality of the RO reverse osmosis system.
Reverse Osmosis is a membrane filtration method that eliminates many types of large molecules and ions from the solution using pressure to the solution of the membrane's back. As a result, the solvents remain left under pressure and the pure solvent is allowed to cross to the other will find . Using this system, organic and inorganic pollutants such as chlorine taste and odor, volatile organic compounds, THM, arsenic, chromium, fluoride, lead, mercury and bacteria and biological agents such as giardia and cryptosporidium will be completely eliminated. Became At present, in order to check the water quality of the RO device, chemical and microbiological tests have been carried out at the Health Examiner Company to take appropriate measures with regard to water purification with this method.

 Perform tests to check the water quality of the boiler:
Considering the importance of using heat facilities in the country, controlling the quality of water supply and boiler water to prevent the risks of contaminants in the water supply and boiler water, such as scouring and foaming materials, corrosive sludge from the place,therefore, all of the related monitors for boiler water testing in accordance with Standard 6039 in the Health Testing Company, will meet the needs of industry owners and employers from this point of view.

- Measure the amount of soy protein in meat products:
Detection, identification and determination of the amount of soy used in raw and heated broiler products has been prepared and commissioned by ELISA method in this laboratory.