Laboratory Departments

There are three main departments in ASA laboratories :
Veterinary Department
Water, Waste Water Department
Food, Feed and Cosmetics Department

-Veterinary Laboratory

The most important aim in this department Is to get precise and accurate results with high reliability in a total field of diagnostic, clinical, evaluation of vaccination, disease control and ... . In large and small animals, pourtry, feed hygiene control, detection of drug residues and poisons in food, and biological fluids.
We have made some investigative activities in the mentioned fields which are published as scientific bulletins or articles.
Veterinary laboratory license has been issued in 1998 number: 1196 by ministry of agricultural Jihad - state veterinary organization .

-Water, Waste Water Laboratory

water, waste water analysis lab. Has been founded in 1999. In this department we have designed our service list according to the needs of water and waste water consultant engineering companies, environmentalists, owners of swimming pools, fish producers, water and waste water equipment producers, etc.
All methods are extracted from valid national or international resources. International & external quality control programs are periodically performed
Our aim in this department is to provide a laboratory service system to help to minimize the industrial pollution and protection of environment and enhance the quality of people’s life.
The relevant license for water, waste water analysis has been certified by state organization of environment protection, office - lab affairs by the code of: BC-44-87601-010
Dated: 22/07/2009
A list of some clients on contract with our lab is available onrequest.

-Food , Feed and Cosmetics Control Laboratory

Department of food, Feed & cosmetics hygiene control laboratory has been founded in ASA laboratories in 2005.
This department has been certified by Iran f.d.o ministry of health and medical education after providing the needed standards and obligations, such as increasing the lab space, instrument calibration, modifying the documentations and editing standard operation procedures.
In this department microbial and chemical tests on a variety of foods such as water, beverages, dairy products, cans, fruits, vegetables, Jams, pastries, cereals, protein products, cosmetics, etc are done.
These tests are done for clients in order to make facilities for import or export, or checking daily foods of restaurants, schools, universities etc.
The license of non-governmental laboratory for food, cosmetics and health control has been issued by deputy of food and drug ministry of health in the year 2005 by the number of : D/4/3491.